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Navigating the Site
The navigation menu is now on the left-side of the screen.  The menu has two tabs -- Public and Web Reporter.

Public -- The Public section of the EFS is available to all visitors for viewing and searching electronically filed campaign finance report data.
The Public section menu options are:
  • Home - Click on this link to return to this main page.
  • Search (Contribution or Expenditures) - Search databases of all contribution and expenditure information.
  • Search (Reports) - View the e-filed reports of Candidates, PACs, State Parties, Local Parties or Ballot Question Committees.
  • Report Log - View a list of the most recently filed reports.
  • Registered Filer List - View a listing of all candidates and committees who file reports with OCPF.
  • Recently Organized - View a list of the most recently organized political committees.
  • Legislative Races - View campaign spending information by legislative district.
  • Special Elections - View campaign spending information for special election races (to fill vacancies in the House or Senate).
  • PAC Reports - View the most recent campaign spending information by political action committees.
  • Depository Reports - View reports of candidates and committees reporting in the depository system, grouped by office sought.
  • Ballot Question Reports - View the campaign finance reports of ballot question committees, grouped by the question they support or oppose.
  • Independent Expenditures - View campaign finance reports of independent expenditures made to support or oppose candidates.

Web Reporter -- Web Reporter is OCPF's online electronic filing application and can only be accessed by registered filers.
There are two ways to enter Web Reporter:
  • Click on the Log-In menu option on the Public tab, or
  • Click on the Web Reporter tab.

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