EFS: Late Contribution Reports
Late Contribution Reports

The Late Contribution Reports page groups e-filed candidate and state party committee reports, by election, for an overview of the total contributions received by the candidates and committees after the 18th day, but more than 72 hours before, a state primary or election.  Use the dropdown list to select an election period to view.  The reports are grouped by filer name.  Click on the box next to the filer's name to view a list of the reports filed. Then click on the amount link to view the report.  These reports were not required to be filed before January 1, 2010.

Election Period:

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Collapse Non-Candidate, Unknown/ N/A  (12)Non-Candidate, Unknown/ N/A (12)
Expand 95371 Dignity 2012(1)95371 Dignity 2012(1)
Expand 95379 Second Thoughts: People with Disabilities opposing the Legalization of Assisted Suicide(2)95379 Second Thoughts: People with Disabilities opposing the Legalization of Assisted Suicide(2)
Expand 95380 The Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide(3)95380 The Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide(3)
Expand 95383 Vote No on Question 3(1)95383 Vote No on Question 3(1)
Expand 95384 MA Compassion & Choices Dignity 2012(2)95384 MA Compassion & Choices Dignity 2012(2)
Expand 95385 Citizens for a Democracy Amendment(3)95385 Citizens for a Democracy Amendment(3)
Collapse Senate, Bristol & Norfolk (1)Senate, Bristol & Norfolk (1)
Expand 15401 Bailey, Jeffrey R.(1)15401 Bailey, Jeffrey R.(1)
Collapse Senate, 1st Essex (4)Senate, 1st Essex (4)
Expand 15501 O'Connor-Ives, Kathleen A.(3)15501 O'Connor-Ives, Kathleen A.(3)
Expand 15491 Toohey, Shaun P.(1)15491 Toohey, Shaun P.(1)
Collapse Senate, 2nd Essex (1)Senate, 2nd Essex (1)
Expand 14258 Lovely, Joan(1)14258 Lovely, Joan(1)
Collapse Senate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex (7)Senate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex (7)
Expand 15099 Adams, Paul(3)15099 Adams, Paul(3)
Expand 13045 Finegold, Barry R.(4)13045 Finegold, Barry R.(4)
Collapse Senate, 1st Middlesex (3)Senate, 1st Middlesex (3)
Expand 12870 Donoghue, Eileen(3)12870 Donoghue, Eileen(3)
Collapse Senate, 3rd Middlesex (4)Senate, 3rd Middlesex (4)
Expand 10866 Barrett, Michael J.(4)10866 Barrett, Michael J.(4)
Collapse Senate, 4th Middlesex (1)Senate, 4th Middlesex (1)
Expand 14734 Donnelly, Kenneth J.(1)14734 Donnelly, Kenneth J.(1)
Collapse Senate, Norfolk & Plymouth (1)Senate, Norfolk & Plymouth (1)
Expand 15021 Keenan, John F.(1)15021 Keenan, John F.(1)
Collapse Senate, Plymouth & Barnstable (8)Senate, Plymouth & Barnstable (8)
Expand 14256 Keyes, Thomas F.(3)14256 Keyes, Thomas F.(3)
Expand 12229 Murray, Therese(5)12229 Murray, Therese(5)
Collapse Senate, Plymouth & Norfolk (1)Senate, Plymouth & Norfolk (1)
Expand 11677 Hedlund, Jr., Robert L.(1)11677 Hedlund, Jr., Robert L.(1)
Collapse Senate, 1st Suffolk & Middlesex (3)Senate, 1st Suffolk & Middlesex (3)
Expand 13441 Petruccelli, Anthony W.(3)13441 Petruccelli, Anthony W.(3)
Collapse Senate, 2nd Worcester (1)Senate, 2nd Worcester (1)
Expand 14776 Moore, Michael(1)14776 Moore, Michael(1)
Collapse Senate, Worcester & Middlesex (1)Senate, Worcester & Middlesex (1)
Expand 14196 Flanagan, Jennifer L.(1)14196 Flanagan, Jennifer L.(1)
Collapse House, 5th Barnstable (2)House, 5th Barnstable (2)
Expand 15440 Ellis, R. Patrick(2)15440 Ellis, R. Patrick(2)
Collapse House, 7th Bristol (1)House, 7th Bristol (1)
Expand 15060 Silvia, Alan(1)15060 Silvia, Alan(1)
Collapse House, 10th Bristol (1)House, 10th Bristol (1)
Expand 11466 Straus, William M.(1)11466 Straus, William M.(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Essex (5)House, 2nd Essex (5)
Expand 15397 Fogel, Barry Peter(5)15397 Fogel, Barry Peter(5)
Collapse House, 3rd Essex (1)House, 3rd Essex (1)
Expand 11853 Dempsey, Brian S.(1)11853 Dempsey, Brian S.(1)
Collapse House, 4th Essex (1)House, 4th Essex (1)
Expand 12623 Hill, Bradford R.(1)12623 Hill, Bradford R.(1)
Collapse House, 9th Essex (1)House, 9th Essex (1)
Expand 15174 Wong, Donald H.(1)15174 Wong, Donald H.(1)
Collapse House, 10th Essex (1)House, 10th Essex (1)
Expand 15306 Caufield, Dwight Justin(1)15306 Caufield, Dwight Justin(1)
Collapse House, 14th Essex (1)House, 14th Essex (1)
Expand 15465 Dizoglio, Diana(1)15465 Dizoglio, Diana(1)
Collapse House, 17th Essex (1)House, 17th Essex (1)
Expand 15498 Moran, Frank(1)15498 Moran, Frank(1)
Collapse House, 18th Essex (7)House, 18th Essex (7)
Expand 13959 L'Italien, Barbara(1)13959 L'Italien, Barbara(1)
Expand 15105 Lyons, Jr., James J.(6)15105 Lyons, Jr., James J.(6)
Collapse House, 1st Franklin (1)House, 1st Franklin (1)
Expand 11323 Kulik, Stephen(1)11323 Kulik, Stephen(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Franklin (2)House, 2nd Franklin (2)
Expand 15102 Andrews, Denise(1)15102 Andrews, Denise(1)
Expand 15463 Lee, Susannah M. Whipps(1)15463 Lee, Susannah M. Whipps(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Hampden (2)House, 2nd Hampden (2)
Expand 15022 Angelides, Marie(2)15022 Angelides, Marie(2)
Collapse House, 3rd Hampden (1)House, 3rd Hampden (1)
Expand 15393 DiSanti, Jr., Samuel Salvatore(1)15393 DiSanti, Jr., Samuel Salvatore(1)
Collapse House, 5th Hampden (1)House, 5th Hampden (1)
Expand 15551 Vacon, Linda(1)15551 Vacon, Linda(1)
Collapse House, 11th Hampden (1)House, 11th Hampden (1)
Expand 12626 Swan, Benjamin(1)12626 Swan, Benjamin(1)
Collapse House, 12th Hampden (1)House, 12th Hampden (1)
Expand 12889 Puppolo Jr., Angelo J.(1)12889 Puppolo Jr., Angelo J.(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Middlesex (1)House, 2nd Middlesex (1)
Expand 15534 Wormell, Valerie(1)15534 Wormell, Valerie(1)
Collapse House, 3rd Middlesex (2)House, 3rd Middlesex (2)
Expand 14770 Hogan, Kate(2)14770 Hogan, Kate(2)
Collapse House, 5th Middlesex (2)House, 5th Middlesex (2)
Expand 13431 Linsky, David P.(2)13431 Linsky, David P.(2)
Collapse House, 7th Middlesex (2)House, 7th Middlesex (2)
Expand 15406 Fetherston, Jon Andrew(1)15406 Fetherston, Jon Andrew(1)
Expand 14345 Sannicandro, Tom(1)14345 Sannicandro, Tom(1)
Collapse House, 11th Middlesex (1)House, 11th Middlesex (1)
Expand 12719 Khan, Kay S.(1)12719 Khan, Kay S.(1)
Collapse House, 14th Middlesex (2)House, 14th Middlesex (2)
Expand 13484 Atkins, Cory(2)13484 Atkins, Cory(2)
Collapse House, 21st Middlesex (5)House, 21st Middlesex (5)
Expand 15554 Gordon, Kenneth I.(5)15554 Gordon, Kenneth I.(5)
Collapse House, 24th Middlesex (9)House, 24th Middlesex (9)
Expand 15484 Gammill, James F.(4)15484 Gammill, James F.(4)
Expand 15516 Olson, Tommasina(1)15516 Olson, Tommasina(1)
Expand 15483 Rogers, David M.(4)15483 Rogers, David M.(4)
Collapse House, 26th Middlesex (3)House, 26th Middlesex (3)
Expand 15470 Connolly, Michael L.(2)15470 Connolly, Michael L.(2)
Expand 12222 Toomey Jr., Timothy J.(1)12222 Toomey Jr., Timothy J.(1)
Collapse House, 35th Middlesex (1)House, 35th Middlesex (1)
Expand 13651 Donato, Paul J.(1)13651 Donato, Paul J.(1)
Collapse House, 36th Middlesex (1)House, 36th Middlesex (1)
Expand 15473 Richardson, Cathy(1)15473 Richardson, Cathy(1)
Collapse House, 10th Norfolk (3)House, 10th Norfolk (3)
Expand 15500 Eustis, Richard(2)15500 Eustis, Richard(2)
Expand 15490 Roy, Jeffrey N.(1)15490 Roy, Jeffrey N.(1)
Collapse House, 12th Norfolk (4)House, 12th Norfolk (4)
Expand 12242 Rogers, John H.(1)12242 Rogers, John H.(1)
Expand 14978 Stanton, James M.(3)14978 Stanton, James M.(3)
Collapse House, 4th Plymouth (2)House, 4th Plymouth (2)
Expand 14781 Cantwell, James M.(1)14781 Cantwell, James M.(1)
Expand 15428 Coulter, Stephen(1)15428 Coulter, Stephen(1)
Collapse House, 5th Plymouth (1)House, 5th Plymouth (1)
Expand 15236 Nyman, Rhonda L. (1)15236 Nyman, Rhonda L. (1)
Collapse House, 6th Plymouth (5)House, 6th Plymouth (5)
Expand 15552 Barry, Karen E.(3)15552 Barry, Karen E.(3)
Expand 15012 Cutler, Josh(2)15012 Cutler, Josh(2)
Collapse House, 7th Plymouth (3)House, 7th Plymouth (3)
Expand 14840 Toomey, Jr., Robert L.(3)14840 Toomey, Jr., Robert L.(3)
Collapse House, 8th Plymouth (5)House, 8th Plymouth (5)
Expand 15089 D'Emilia, Angelo L.(2)15089 D'Emilia, Angelo L.(2)
Expand 15482 Hunt, Marilee Kenney(3)15482 Hunt, Marilee Kenney(3)
Collapse House, 11th Plymouth (1)House, 11th Plymouth (1)
Expand 15444 Cronin, Claire (1)15444 Cronin, Claire (1)
Collapse House, 6th Suffolk (1)House, 6th Suffolk (1)
Expand 15063 Holmes, Russell(1)15063 Holmes, Russell(1)
Collapse House, 13th Suffolk (1)House, 13th Suffolk (1)
Expand 13173 Walsh, Martin J.(1)13173 Walsh, Martin J.(1)
Collapse House, 16th Suffolk (1)House, 16th Suffolk (1)
Expand 13411 Reinstein, Kathi-Anne(1)13411 Reinstein, Kathi-Anne(1)
Collapse House, 19th Suffolk (1)House, 19th Suffolk (1)
Expand 11413 DeLeo, Robert A.(1)11413 DeLeo, Robert A.(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Worcester (4)House, 2nd Worcester (4)
Expand 15083 Bastien, Rich(2)15083 Bastien, Rich(2)
Expand 15488 Zlotnik, Jonathan David(2)15488 Zlotnik, Jonathan David(2)
Collapse House, 4th Worcester (6)House, 4th Worcester (6)
Expand 15405 Brooks, Justin A.(4)15405 Brooks, Justin A.(4)
Expand 14786 Rosa, Dennis(2)14786 Rosa, Dennis(2)
Collapse House, 5th Worcester (1)House, 5th Worcester (1)
Expand 15541 Petraitis, Jason(1)15541 Petraitis, Jason(1)
Collapse House, 6th Worcester (2)House, 6th Worcester (2)
Expand 15011 Durant, Peter J.(1)15011 Durant, Peter J.(1)
Expand 15480 Walker, Kathleen(1)15480 Walker, Kathleen(1)
Collapse House, 8th Worcester (4)House, 8th Worcester (4)
Expand 13837 Dubois, Robert J.(1)13837 Dubois, Robert J.(1)
Expand 14865 Kuros, Kevin J.(3)14865 Kuros, Kevin J.(3)
Collapse House, 14th Worcester (1)House, 14th Worcester (1)
Expand 14692 McCarthy, William J.(1)14692 McCarthy, William J.(1)
Collapse House, 15th Worcester (1)House, 15th Worcester (1)
Expand 15464 O'Malley, Brian J.(1)15464 O'Malley, Brian J.(1)
Collapse House, 18th Worcester (2)House, 18th Worcester (2)
Expand 15413 Bourque, Donald(1)15413 Bourque, Donald(1)
Expand 15006 Fattman, Ryan(1)15006 Fattman, Ryan(1)
Collapse Assembly of Delegates, Barnstable County (1)Assembly of Delegates, Barnstable County (1)
Expand 15558 Putnam, Andrew(1)15558 Putnam, Andrew(1)
Collapse Senate, Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex (1)Senate, Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire & Middlesex (1)
Expand 11421 Brewer, Stephen M. (1)11421 Brewer, Stephen M. (1)