EFS: Late Contribution Reports
Late Contribution Reports

The Late Contribution Reports page groups e-filed candidate and state party committee reports, by election, for an overview of the total contributions received by the candidates and committees after the 18th day, but more than 72 hours before, a state primary or election.  Use the dropdown list to select an election period to view.  The reports are grouped by filer name.  Click on the box next to the filer's name to view a list of the reports filed. Then click on the amount link to view the report.  These reports were not required to be filed before January 1, 2010.

Election Period:

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Collapse Senate, 1st Essex (1)Senate, 1st Essex (1)
Expand 15501 O'Connor Ives, Kathleen A.(1)15501 O'Connor Ives, Kathleen A.(1)
Collapse Senate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex (3)Senate, 2nd Essex & Middlesex (3)
Expand 13959 L'Italien, Barbara(2)13959 L'Italien, Barbara(2)
Expand 15797 Payano, Pavel M.(1)15797 Payano, Pavel M.(1)
Collapse Senate, 1st Hampden & Hampshire (8)Senate, 1st Hampden & Hampshire (8)
Expand 15082 Allen, Timothy(2)15082 Allen, Timothy(2)
Expand 15786 Lesser, Eric Phillip(4)15786 Lesser, Eric Phillip(4)
Expand 15799 Saunders, Aaron(2)15799 Saunders, Aaron(2)
Collapse Senate, 3rd Middlesex (1)Senate, 3rd Middlesex (1)
Expand 10866 Barrett, Michael J.(1)10866 Barrett, Michael J.(1)
Collapse Senate, Norfolk & Plymouth (1)Senate, Norfolk & Plymouth (1)
Expand 15021 Keenan, John F.(1)15021 Keenan, John F.(1)
Collapse Senate, Plymouth & Barnstable (1)Senate, Plymouth & Barnstable (1)
Expand 13249 deMacedo, Vinny(1)13249 deMacedo, Vinny(1)
Collapse Senate, 1st Worcester (4)Senate, 1st Worcester (4)
Expand 12576 Chandler, Harriette L.(4)12576 Chandler, Harriette L.(4)
Collapse Senate, Worcester & Middlesex (2)Senate, Worcester & Middlesex (2)
Expand 14196 Flanagan, Jennifer L.(2)14196 Flanagan, Jennifer L.(2)
Collapse House, 1st Barnstable (3)House, 1st Barnstable (3)
Expand 15771 Zawadzkas, Elisa B.(3)15771 Zawadzkas, Elisa B.(3)
Collapse House, 2nd Barnstable (1)House, 2nd Barnstable (1)
Expand 15704 Chaprales, Adam G.(1)15704 Chaprales, Adam G.(1)
Collapse House, 5th Barnstable (3)House, 5th Barnstable (3)
Expand 15041 Hunt, Randy(2)15041 Hunt, Randy(2)
Expand 15703 Terry, Matthew Morgan(1)15703 Terry, Matthew Morgan(1)
Collapse House, 4th Berkshire (1)House, 4th Berkshire (1)
Expand 12730 Pignatelli, William(1)12730 Pignatelli, William(1)
Collapse House, 9th Bristol (1)House, 9th Bristol (1)
Expand 15107 Markey, Christopher M.(1)15107 Markey, Christopher M.(1)
Collapse House, 1st Essex (1)House, 1st Essex (1)
Expand 15896 Lavoie, Robert W. (1)15896 Lavoie, Robert W. (1)
Collapse House, 11th Essex (3)House, 11th Essex (3)
Expand 15782 Crighton, Brendan Peter(3)15782 Crighton, Brendan Peter(3)
Collapse House, 14th Essex (1)House, 14th Essex (1)
Expand 15885 Connelly Smedile, Rosemary(1)15885 Connelly Smedile, Rosemary(1)
Collapse House, 10th Hampden (3)House, 10th Hampden (3)
Expand 15129 Edwards, Melvin(1)15129 Edwards, Melvin(1)
Expand 15854 Hernandez, Ivette(2)15854 Hernandez, Ivette(2)
Collapse House, 20th Middlesex (1)House, 20th Middlesex (1)
Expand 12534 Jones Jr., Bradley H.(1)12534 Jones Jr., Bradley H.(1)
Collapse House, 21st Middlesex (1)House, 21st Middlesex (1)
Expand 15554 Gordon, Kenneth I.(1)15554 Gordon, Kenneth I.(1)
Collapse House, 31st Middlesex (2)House, 31st Middlesex (2)
Expand 14975 Day, Michael S.(2)14975 Day, Michael S.(2)
Collapse House, 33rd Middlesex (7)House, 33rd Middlesex (7)
Expand 15843 Kinnon, Neil C.(3)15843 Kinnon, Neil C.(3)
Expand 15829 Ultrino, Steven(4)15829 Ultrino, Steven(4)
Collapse House, 2nd Norfolk (1)House, 2nd Norfolk (1)
Expand 15123 Chan, Tackey(1)15123 Chan, Tackey(1)
Collapse House, 5th Plymouth (1)House, 5th Plymouth (1)
Expand 15817 Valanzola, Louis U.(1)15817 Valanzola, Louis U.(1)
Collapse House, 10th Plymouth (2)House, 10th Plymouth (2)
Expand 12023 Cruz, John F.(2)12023 Cruz, John F.(2)
Collapse House, 1st Suffolk (2)House, 1st Suffolk (2)
Expand 14705 Basile, Carlo(2)14705 Basile, Carlo(2)
Collapse House, 2nd Suffolk (2)House, 2nd Suffolk (2)
Expand 15544 Ryan, Daniel Joseph(2)15544 Ryan, Daniel Joseph(2)
Collapse House, 7th Suffolk (1)House, 7th Suffolk (1)
Expand 15711 Esteves, Eric(1)15711 Esteves, Eric(1)
Collapse House, 12th Suffolk (1)House, 12th Suffolk (1)
Expand 15621 Cullinane, Dan(1)15621 Cullinane, Dan(1)
Collapse House, 2nd Worcester (1)House, 2nd Worcester (1)
Expand 15773 Shetrawski, Garret James(1)15773 Shetrawski, Garret James(1)
Collapse House, 9th Worcester (2)House, 9th Worcester (2)
Expand 15808 Craig, Shawn(1)15808 Craig, Shawn(1)
Expand 15795 Green, Martin J.(1)15795 Green, Martin J.(1)
Collapse House, 10th Worcester (2)House, 10th Worcester (2)
Expand 14472 Fernandes, John V.(1)14472 Fernandes, John V.(1)
Expand 15837 Kivior, Christopher T.(1)15837 Kivior, Christopher T.(1)
Collapse House, 16th Worcester (1)House, 16th Worcester (1)
Expand 15637 Donahue, Daniel M.(1)15637 Donahue, Daniel M.(1)
Collapse House, 18th Worcester (1)House, 18th Worcester (1)
Expand 15765 Dowgiewicz, Mark G.(1)15765 Dowgiewicz, Mark G.(1)
Collapse Senate, 5th Middlesex (1)Senate, 5th Middlesex (1)
Expand 14713 Lewis, Jason(1)14713 Lewis, Jason(1)
Collapse Senate, Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester (1)Senate, Hampshire, Franklin & Worcester (1)
Expand 11155 Rosenberg, Stanley C. (1)11155 Rosenberg, Stanley C. (1)