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2011 Year-end Report (ND)
Angelo J. Puppolo Jr. (12889)
7/1/11 - 12/31/11
Filed on 1/19/2012
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CPF ID#: 12889
Office Sought: House, 12th Hampden
Residential Address: 44 South Shore Drive Springfield MA 01118
Committee Name: Puppolo Jr. Committee
Treasurer Name: Isabel Puppolo
Committee Address: P.O. Box 80898 Springfield MA 01138
Beginning Balance: $185,953.53
Total Receipts this period: $27,065.33
Subtotal: $213,018.86
Total Expenditures this period: $15,395.62
Ending Balance: $197,623.24
Total Inkind contributions this period: $500.00
Total Outstanding Liabilities: $3,000.00
Name of Bank(s) Used: People's United Bank