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2011 Mid-Year Report (ND)
Robert A. DeLeo (11413)
1/1/11 - 6/30/11
Filed on 7/20/2011
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CPF ID#: 11413
Office Sought: House/19
Residential Address: PO Box 520456 Winthrop MA 02152
Committee Name: Bob DeLeo Committee
Treasurer Name: David Martin
Committee Address: PO Box 520456 Winthrop MA 02152
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Beginning Balance: $446,052.31
Total Receipts this period: $350,189.87
Subtotal: $796,242.18
Total Expenditures this period: $305,854.98
Ending Balance: $490,387.20
Total Inkind contributions this period: $0.00
Total Outstanding Liabilities: ($1.00)
Name of Bank(s) Used: Bank of America, Citizens Bank